York Community High School

The Project: Improvements to York High School in Elmhurst, IL. 600,000 square feet.

What Was Done: The improvements included demolishing a majority of the existing building and renovating the remaining building. The demolition and construction of the school was phased to enable the students to continue to use the school throughout construction.

The First Phase: The project began by building a new three-story academic wing and was crucial to the success of the project. The design phase schedule was reduced to enable the 300,000 s.f. building to be designed and built in 16 months.

The second phase: This phase consisted of renovating the administrative, library, and auditorium areas. This included enclosing the existing courtyard and incorporating it into a cafeteria and student lounge. A new athletic wing, which consists of a field house and competition gym, was built. Renovation of the existing gym was also provided.

Details: The field house incorporated steel roof joists with spans over 200 feet. The roof structure is comprised of metal deck on bar joists. The floor structure consists of a non-composite concrete slab and steel joists supported on steel beams and steel columns. The lateral load resisting system utilizes structural steel concentric braces, structural steel wind frames, precast concrete shear walls and masonry shear walls. The foundation system for both phases utilized auger cast piles and grade beams.

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