Why Choose Ntrive

Andy Eck: Director of Structural Engineering
Andy Eck is an engineering force. His interest in engineering began early, it started with LEGO and grew into a determination to create structures that exceed expectations and transform the industry. He went on to study civil engineering at Bradley University. After 17+ years as a structural engineer and project manager, his experience traverses the entire construction process, which allows him to understand every facet of a project. Each project Andy touches is treated with unwavering passion and attention to detail. He is always ready to assist clients and will stop at nothing to overcome challenges. Andy is an engineer who cares about his work and loves what he does. When he is not at work, he and his wife are raising a pair of energetic twins. He spends his free time coaching his children’s sports teams, jogging with his German Shorthaired Pointer, and rooting for his sports teams.
Steven Uecke: President

Steven Uecke started Ntrive on one simple idea: structural engineering can be innovative. Before his structural engineering education at the Illinois Institute of Chicago, he had planned on being a homebuilder. That mentality can be seen through his understanding of architecture and his clients. Currently, Steven is licensed in 35 US states and 4 Canadian provinces. He oversees the operation of four unique structural companies, each one’s success easily traced back to him. Thought it may come as a surprise considering all he does, Steven doesn’t just stay at the office, at home he is a new father, tech geek and casual soccer-golfer.

Our Team
Our engineers are experienced in every stage of the design process, giving them a common sense approach to solving problems and ensuring the design intent is never compromised. We believe in active engagement early in the design phase, a collaborative approach, and honest communication. Our engineers have worked on projects including educational, commercial, municipal, religious, residential and mixed use market sectors​. They have the skill to build skyscrapers and the care to make them feel like home.
Our Process
The Beginning:

The building process starts with an idea. An idea that will affect and change the people it comes in contact with.

But what do you do with an idea? Ideas are not meant to stay stagnate.

Through meetings and workshops, the concept begins to take shape. The excitement about the new project builds. Questions about the design intent get answered. Mood and space are discussed and the style is finalized. Everyone’s vision is put into this project and it’s ready to be realized.

Schematic Design Phase:

This phase is where the concept truly turns into reality. The idea has a direction and has turned into a project. The actual elements of the structure begin to be designed. Our structural engineers will start aiding the architect with spacial design such as dimensions, elevation, roof heights and column boxes.

Design Development Phase:

Once the schematic designs have been approved, the second phase begins. We identify the lateral system, general structural sizes and main components. Creating a set of drawings that give the contractor an accurate estimate of costs.

Construction Document Phase:

The project is now coming to life. Our drawings will be to the point that the construction crew can build directly from them. The correct permits will be submitted to the governing body and code officials. The full design and lateral system have been finished and are ready to go.

Bidding & Negotiation:

We’ve created and designed. Everyone has poured long hours into seeing this project through. And now, it’s time win the bid. Our engineers will assist the client and construction manager during the bidding process and address any bid questions that may arise.

Construction & Admin:

The original idea now has a space and is being constructed. All the pieces have been created and now it’s time to put them together. As the project becomes real and tangible, natural causes may require the design to be adjusted. Our engineers will not lose focus until the project is finished. They are available for any and all questions you have on the job. Adjustments will made quickly and expertly. We will review the fully coordinated shop drawings, while always keeping the design intent in the front of our mind.

Final Steps:

Ntrive supports you from concept to construction. We are prepared for the unexpected and always ready to respond. Let’s make something great, together.



We believe in innovation. We are always looking at what we do and seeing if we can do it just a little bit better. We are always looking for the better way. If we can improve our systems and our processes, we will. Innovation isn’t just about buying the newest software, it’s about being ready for the future.



Ntrive’s focus is to make sure that our work fits into your vision. In our minds design intent goes hand in hand with our work. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand what the architect wants to convey with building. If you are looking to create structures that exceed expectations and transform the industry, so are we.

Customer Focused

Your goals are our goals. You can rest assured that the designs you receive will be skillfully handled and thoughtfully detailed. This is your project, and we’re here to support you. Your goals are what drive us and push us forward. We are involved every step of the way and are ready to find success with you.

Employee Built

We build our business around our employees. We want to see them succeed. In order for them to offer you to the best of their ability, we make sure our employees skills are what define their roles. We stand by the opinion that creating a strong team is what makes a business work.

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